Offense Is Flat Out Pathetic.

           I wish my first “MLBlogs” post would come under better terms but, as I sit here wondering why Chipper swung on a 3 – 0 curveball, I know it won’t. Today’s game was a good one for sure, but with the horribly RISP production the outcome was of course a loss. So with that in mind, my topic will be our offense.

         The Atlanta Braves are currently 11th in the league in runs scored. To me this is a concern, but to others, not so much. I have herd that as soon as Brian McCann comes off the DL, we will score runs. I find it very hard to believe that the Braves can average 5 – 6 runs a game even if B – Mac come back.

         Sure Chipper will see better pitches and yes everyone will be in their normal lineup positions but with the way the lineup has been hitting, McCann’s presence will not matter.

           By the way I would just like to state that I do like KJ a lot.

       So here are (what I think) possible options:

  • Move Kelly Johnson to left field and start Infante/Prado at 2nd (while releasing Garret Anderson)
  • Trade Garret Anderson, Kelly Johnson, and maybe a pitcher for someone (but who?)
  • Bring up Blanco and send down Bradon Jones and have Blanco occasionally start for Schafer

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