Win The Next 2 & Look For The Wild Card

The Atlanta Braves were victimized by two HRs by Utley, Howard. Of course by favorite, Jair Jurrjens, was, er, how to I out this nicely, screwed over by Victorino. The Flyin’ whatever robbed at least 5 extra base hits and an almost HR by slumping Brian McCann. That, and a misplaced fastball by Jurrjens to Utley that was driven over the right field wall.

Jair gets another no decision, he is still 9 – 8 on the year. Shane Victorino should have been hit with something more than beer. Perhaps a foam tomahawk, another beer, a car, Turner Field scoreboard, Planet X… 

….Any of those would have done.

So, what do we do now…

That brings me to the subject. “Win the next 2 and look for the Wild Card.”

That precisely is what should be done. Braves have enough games left within the division leaders to at least make a run at the division title, but they’d need to win almost all those games. While that is unlikely, we should turn our attentions to the wild card.

Atlanta sits 3.5 games back of Colorado, who in my opinion, does not have enough to win the WC. The Giants, now there is another story. San Fran has the best pitching in baseball, reining CY winner ( And likely 2009 CY winner), Tim Lincecum. Florida has a 1.5 game lead on the Braves, and if they want to win the WC or division, they have to bury the Braves quickly. They have just the chance to do that in 7 days.
Tomorrow, The Braves let Kawakami take the mound to oppose Phils former “ace” Cole Hamels. If your going to the game tomorrow, bring a glove, because there should be a lot of meatballs.

Time to make Gonzo the closer again?:

I believe so. Soriano has a 6+ ERA since the All star break. I’m sure you all saw the stat. If you didn’t, you should know Mike Gonzales has a 0.00 ERA.

Another Thing:

People say Jurrjens is great with keeping the ball in the park. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Jair Jurrjens. But he has given up a HR in 7 of his last 11 starts. This has to stop. He has to be great to be lucky enough to not get a loss, so maybe, just maybe, if he become perfect and limited HRs, he could get a no decision or even a win (GASP!).

Good luck Jurrjens, and Go Braves!!

Thats all for me folks!


  1. devilabrit

    Well if the old Hamels comes out to play today, it’ll be another tight one, but if the “what the hell do I do next” Hamels comes out to play, you should get this one, plus the Phillies and Fox dont get along, thats also in your favor…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In


    Oh my goodness werth and victorino could hav been playin on a football field last nite and nothing would hav dropped. and plus if we had been in philly, we would have had about 4 or 5 more homers cuz the field there is much shorter than ours. drove me crazy!!! we couldnt get it goin.
    about raffy-i’m not quite sure. he threw a get it over slider last nite that howard put a good swing on but after that was dominant!! next 3 guys didnt hav a chance at all!!! i dont think we should put gonzo back in the full time closers role but should go back to the person who closes the game is dependent on who’s coming up-lefty or righty? i believe gonzo should hav been left in to face howard and ibanez then raffy should hav been brought in to do his thing against werth. we’ll see what bobby does!!

  3. Jurrjens4NLCY

    Bravesman218, The bottom line is he lost the game. It doesn’t matter if he struck out the next three, he gave up the game winning HR. Think of it like this; If a stranger killed your significant other and then revived the life of Abe Lincoln (or whoever), is he off the hook?


    ya i guess that makes sense.
    hope Javy can give us one of his normal 7 inning 2 run starts 2nite we’ll need it. that happ kid is pretty good and we havent been doing good at all on espn since that first win we had on the very first game of the season in philly….probably cuz of the terrible announcers….one of the reasons ESPN sucks!!!

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