Braves Blow 4 Run Lead

Nothing new, what do you expect from Blain Boyer and Jeff Bennett?

Anyways, I’m sure you all know what happened.

Charlie Morton started today lasting only 2.0 innings because of another injury that has depleted the Braves’ rotation. By the 4th inning, the Braves took a 4 – 0 lead by a Mark Teixera grand slam off Mike Pelfrey. Bobby brought Blain Boyer in, and he gave up 4 earned runs to blow the lead, Bobby then had to use Jeff Bennett, so as not to overuse the bullpen. Then Jeff Bennett gave up 5 more runs, thus the Braves lost 9 – 4. Just another day in 2008.

Oh wait. Its not 2008, its 2009. There isn’t any Charlie Mortons, there are no injuries or gland slams or Boyers or Bennetts. There is only Derek Lowe, remember? Our ace. Anyways, he decided it would be fun to make things interesting by letting the Mets try the game, then the defence thought it would be hilarious to let the Mets get 4 more runs. Well they were right, it was one big joke.


8 runs in 1.0 inning?! from a AAA offense?!

I had to stop watching after the Braves failed to score in the 6th, I figured I give the offense one more chance.

Furthermore, Does Derek Lowe ever stop sweating?

Here is to hoping the Braves win the next two! Go Braves!

Thats all for me folks!

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