AJC Still Reports On Frenchy; Francoeur Makes Words Come Out Of Hole – Double Whammy!!

This week Carrol Rogers called up the former Atlanta home town hero to hear how his life is going in NY. His answers may shock you, or not.



You know the game. But before I go into this, I’d like to say like I have nothing personal against Jeff, he is a nice guy and a devoted christian. However, this is my problem against him.

Moving on…

We got a nice little three-bedroom
apartment out in Long Island City, and [his wife, Catie] has done a good job
making it feel like home.

Thats good to hear. Seriously.

I feel great at the plate. I’ve worked on a few things that have helped a
little bit. Hitting in the fifth hole and being able to come up with some
guys with a chance to score has been nice.

Really?? Your going to play this card? Blaming others for your failures? My youngest cousin does the same thing… and he’s 9.

Every other article written seemed to be something negative. …

You don’t think its because of the bases loaded 1 out GIDP?

I wasn’t
holding up my part of the job. I’ll be the first to admit that,

That is good.

but at the
same time, there are other guys on the team, too.

Ah, the high road.

A lot of the media here asked me about playing in New York, and I said,
“This is going to sound weird, but I feel like I’m going to have less
pressure playing up here than I did in Atlanta.”

Why though? Seriously, its not like we said, “Stop sucking or we’ll murder you!” You had the support from every Braves fan to turn it around. That and time and support, Bobby gave you 2 1/2 years and the famous Bobby support. You hit yourself the hardest for going 0 – 4.

[On his return to Atlanta] There were going to be a couple
yelling boo, but the nice thing was I never left Atlanta on bad terms. It’s
not like I didn’t play hard. I played every day and did the best I could.

True. Very true.

For some reason it wasn’t working out.

*Slaps face with palm*

[After asked if the Braves lost confidence in him after demotion] Yeah. It was never the same after that. I’m sure I wasn’t giving them the
best reason to be [confident], but after that happened, it just was

Really? You are the worst outfielder in MLB in the past 2 years and you have the balls to complain and say the Braves and Bobby Cox (who is ridiculed for over-confidence in players) lost faith in you?

Listen, I’m not going to go up
there and walk 70 times a year.


So you can either accept me for the player I
am or go get somebody else.


I had two or three walks last week because I’m
taking what they’re giving me, but if it’s a 2-0 count, there’s a guy on
base and I can drive him in, I’m going to drive him in.

That’s funny because on a 2 – 0 count you only have 5 RBIs

[The Mets] are not there for my on-base percentage. It was great to hear
[manager] Jerry Manuel in a team meeting say, “I don’t care about average. I
care about scoring runs, driving in runs and preventing runs.”

Well that’s worked out wonderfully for the Mets and their 512 runs that they’ve scored (Thats 23rd in the Majors) (And there is only 30 teams in baseball).

[Brian McCann] talked about how I need to get back to what I used to do and that’s
attacking the fastball. If I swing at the slider low and away, so be it,
don’t let that fastball beat you.

Not “so be it.” When you swing at a pitch that ended up in the 1st base dugout, you can’t rationalize with “so be it.” Your not going to drive in many runs on wild pitches.

I am really tired, so I’ll stop it right here. Jeff, I wish you the best of luck, you’ll need it. Here is the full article. And if you have the 45 minutes, this is a good watch. 


One comment

  1. tomatalk

    Gotta love Frenchy’s continued comments about why the Braves were at fault for his demise. I mean, come on dude! Yeah, the Braves probably handled your actual development poorly, but they didn’t make you flatline after a couple of seasons. Anyways Jurrjens, when you do the write up feel free to refer to me either as “tomatalk” or “Jim”….doesn’t really matter which one you choose.

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