So Where Are We Now? Elated? Or Frustrated?

Forgive me, but right now I’m writing a parody to “Behind Blue Eyes” and I’m a little distracted. And now Church… Ok, I’ll be back.

Ok. So. Where are we now?

Well, we’re now elated…
Three 1/2 back in the wild card, coming off a big win against arguably the best pitcher in the past 7 or so weeks, and having Jurrjens on the mound isn’t to shabby either…

(If you don’t know by now, I’ve fallen in love with the ellipsis…)

The SD Padre series was horrible. Should have taken swept ’em., or taken two outta three, or not under perform with the bases juiced, OR, pitched better, OR let Vasquez continue his bid for a shutout…

Its worth noting that the Padres are killing right now. But thats in the past. Now we’re are looking toward the future! FUTURE! Its an electric word, future, its means forever and thats a mighty long time. But I got to tell you, there is something else… The present. Yes, the present. Right now we have to win this game, its not “must win” but its pretty darn tootin close. Why?


  1. The most important is to gain ground on the The Rockies and The Giants.
  2. To gain ground on the Philles. Yes, I said it. They might take the division, but I’m won’t let them to it easily. What I’m I going to do? Fire words of hate across the internet… That’ll show ’em.
  3. Give Jurrjens a win! This fella deserves it like no other! I wish my ‘pen name’ (Jurrjens4NLCY) was not just a pen name…

Right. So now we have our reasons. The goal?

A few notes:

  • Matty D is not just hot, he’s a flipping supernova!
  • McLouth reagravated his injury
  • LaRoche tweaked his hand or thigh, or something, but he should be fine
  • Church tweaked his back again.

Now, Today is Sunday and even if you are not a big christain, by the by, I don’t consider myself a big christain either, you should pray for the Braves. Hands crossed, head bowed, eyes closed (OKAY! You got me, eyes open to read.)

Dear Lord/Higher Power/Jesus/Budda/Moses/Space Monster Scientology thingy,

We have endured so much during this season, please guide the Braves to finish strong enough to take the wild card or perhaps the division. If you could find it in your heart/space monster thing to do so, that would be greatly appraciated. Push the Braves to win now, and forever more!

Can I get an AMEN!!!


Thats all for me folks!


  1. philly_in_nyc

    Behind Blue Eyes is an excellent Who song, but as I read your post I couldn’t help thinking about Jim Morrison and the Doors. Old Jimmy had one of the most infamous lines ever to start a song, “You cannot petition the Lord with prayer.” Oh, by the way, don’t think I’m not aware that some Braves fan smuggled Kryptonite into Citizen Bank Park Saturday. There’s no other explanation for Cliff (aka Superman) Lee’s implosion. Love to see the wild card come out of the east this year. Good luck in September.

  2. carolmwl

    Cliff Lee is human after all. Sort of endearing, actually…

    And yes, Blanton DID pitch a gem last night. Good boy, Joe.

    Firing words of hate across the internet? Hm…

  3. sophi

    Falling asleep on the job, kid? Been waiting for a new blog entry. 🙂

    By the way, I’ve upgraded myself from frustrated to hopeless.

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