Seems I Have To Write About Something…

Well, the postseason is upon us. Actually, it’s been upon us for quite some time now. While I haven’t watch any full games, I’ve kept up with a few things. For instance, there is no God. Yes, yes, all of you dammed atheists were right. God does not exist. For the simple evidence concludes that a true God would pull the rug under the Yankees’ and Phillies’ momentum.

You expect me to believe that the likes of Mark Teixeira and Ryan Howard produce by “free will” and “talent” WITHOUT divine intervention?

Oh no, no, no. If Jesus sits at the right hand of God, A-Rod and J-Roll surely sit and the left.


…..or something to that extent.

BUT! I finally have Braves related news! Here’s what happened:

  • Tim Hudson didn’t want to sign with the Braves
  • Tim Hudson wanted to sign with the Braves
  • McCann had lasik surgery
  • The AFL started

 Tim Hudson

Folks, this whole thing was baloney from the start. There is about a 5% chance Hudson isn’t a Brave next season. He is too involved in Atlanta’s community to just be shipped out, and he’s a clubhouse guy. Now, I know what your saying: “But Kris! John Smoltz was involved in Atlanta, was a great clubhouse guy and a legend, and he was tossed out on his *** (aka the BoSox).” Well, the difference is Hudson still knows how to get batters out without the 15 run intervals.

Brian McCann    

The only thing I know about this is that McCann had lasik surgery. I don’t know if it helped or not, although as soon as word comes out, I, as well as hundreds of other people, well give our thoughts and opinoins on it.

The Arizona Fall League

Ah yes, the AFL is back, the only thing that gives Braves hope in October. You may recall that at last years AFL, a young Tommy Hanson tore up batters all around. So much so, that he was awarded that years MVP crown. That mearly paved the way for young Hanson to a succseful rookie season at the show.

This year the Braves are sending another batch of hopefulls. I’ll go over who they are and how they’re doing so far:

Jason Heyward (.286/.375/.500):

The biggest prospect in baseball today has had a fine first 14 at bats. He has 2 BB, 2 SB, and 3 of his first 4 hits are doubles. 

Freedie Freeman (.100/.308/.100)

Freeman suffered a slump in his last portion of MiLB play. It appears to have carried over to the AFL, although, he’s barrely played three games. He has, however, managed to draw 3 walks, but K 3 times. He has one hit, it was a single. But! You know what they say, “You can’t judge a book by it’s first 16 plate appearnces!

(NOTE: I’m told “he has lined out several times”)

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