If I’m Frank Wren: Braves’ Offseason Re-Preview

Assuming the payroll stays at $96,726,166, here’s a look at possible solutions for the offseason.

2010 Obligations:


These 17 roster spots cost $77,850,334. Leaving $18,875,832 to spend on the following needs.



1B Candidates:

Adam LaRoche
Nick Johnson
Russel Branyan
Hank Blalock
Jermaine Dye

If I’m Frank Wren, I look at LaRoche, Johnson, Branyan and Blalock. LaRoche wants a three year deal in the 25M – 27M range. I’d give it to him. Freeman’s struggles have shown that he shouldn’t be rushed to the show. I’d bring him up up in mid 2012. Nick “OBP Machine” Johnson would get a good fit for the Braves. However, he has a scary history of injuries and such. Russel Branyan would be a perfect power fit. He could probably hit clean up too. Bill James predicts he’ll hit 27 HRs, and unless Chipper REALLY breaks out of a slump, he’d lead the team in HRs. Hank Blalock is kind of a safety option for first, as is Dye.  

OF Candidates:

Mike Cameron
Marlon Byrd
Mark DeRosa
Xavier Nady
Cody Ross
Josh Willingham
Eric Brynes
Jordan Schafer
Jason Heyward

If I’m Frank Wren, and I have to pick one to acquire, I’ll go with Mike Cameron or Mark DeRosa. However, that may be too expensive, so I’ll pick, Cody Ross. Shifting Diaz to right, leaving McLouth at center and Ross at left could bring 50 to 60 HRs to the outfield. Ross could cost some good AAA players. I wouldn’t bring up with Jordon or Jason until mid-season.

RP Candidates:

Billy Wagner
J.J. Putz
Kiko Calero
Brendan Donnelly
Takashi Saito
Rafael Betancourt
Darren Oliver
Bobby Jenks
Matt Caps
Boone Logan
Manny Acosta

One of the 3 needed RP should be filled with in house options, so whose a better 12th pitcher? Logan or Acosta? Probably Logan… To save a draft pick I’d skip out on Wagner. Instead, sign Saito (2yrs./9M) and Putz (1yr/2M base, up to 5M in incentives, with a 7M mutual option for 2011). If those fail, there are nearly a million options, like Abreu and Procter.

BN Candidates:

Mike Jacobs
Eric Hinske

Nomar Garciaparra
n Kearns

Brooks Conrad
Barbro Canizares
Diory Hernadez
Reid Gorecki
Gregor Blanco

With Infante on the team, Diory, Reid, or Gregor are not needed, Barbo won’t NEED to be either because Conrad could slip into 2B and Prado over to first if injury occurs. So my first slot goes to Conrad. I love the idea on Jacobs on the team, or Hinske, one of them, with Ross, would add some nice POP! to the bench. Especially with Norton gone, the bench will be a strong point. My last spot has to go to Barbo because he’s cheaper and would produce waaaaay more 

Kelly Johnson
Ryan Church
Buddy Carlye
Jorge Campillo
Rafael Soriano
Mike Gonzalez
Garret Anderson

Final 2010 25 man roster:

For a final payroll of $96,450,334.

Keep in mind, this is all IF the Braves don’t raise their payroll, I’m 100% sure they will…

That’s all for me folks!



  1. jonjon3174@insightbb.com

    Few things here that dont make sense or arent true.

    1. Cody Ross made 2.225 Million this year in his first year of arbitration, he will surely get more than 2.4 million next year.
    2. Mike Jacobs made 3.25 Million this year as a starter, you think he is going to sign with Atlanta for just 1 million to be a bench guy?? Yeah right.
    3. Vazquez makes 11.5 Million, not 11 alone.
    4. KK makes 6.667 Million, not the number you quoted.
    5. McCann makes 5.5 Million.
    6. Nate McLouth makes 4.5 million.
    7. Omar Infante makes 2.225 million

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