Braves sign Billy Wagner

The Atlanta Braves certainly made a splash in the free agent pool, breaking seemingly endless hours of consecutive boredom.


“The team reached preliminary agreement Tuesday with free-agent
left-hander Billy Wagner on a one-year, $7 million contract with a
vesting option for a second season, according to a major-league source.” – Ken Rosenthal

The $6.5 million vesting option is guaranteed if Wagner “finishes 50 games next season.”

Wagner will be coming off Tommy John surgery, which is no uncharted waters for the Braves, who have had pitchers Tim Hudson, Peter Moylan, Rafael Soriano, John Smoltz, Mike Gonzalez and others come off major surgery and still post very successful seasons.

Wagner had an amazingly incredible 2009 campaign. Although it was significantly shortened season, its was incredible; 1.02 WHIP, 1.72 ERA, and nearly 15 K’s for every 9 innings. Think about that, 15 K’s per 9 innings.

Bill James predicts Wagner’s 2010 line to be: 6 – 1, 2.18 ERA, 62 IP, and 75Ks

Which would be tremendous for the Braves.

The Braves lose their 20th round pick which will go to the Boston RedSox assuming the physical, to be executed on Wednesday, goes through.

If you ask me, this is a good deal. Wagner becomes the closer, Moylan takes Gonzo’s job. and perhaps O’Flarity moves into the 7th inning role. 7 million is a lot, I’d have thought somewhere around 5 with incentives would be
better… Wren must have a lot of confidence in him, and if Wren does,
then so do I!

Wagner is 15 saves short of of 400 saves and 40 saves away from becoming the all time leader among left handed pitchers in saves, passing Franco.


This mysterious Wren that works in mysterious ways is a good color on him.

That’s All For Me, Folks!

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