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Until October…

Have this to hold you over:


So Where Are We Now? Elated? Or Frustrated?

Forgive me, but right now I’m writing a parody to “Behind Blue Eyes” and I’m a little distracted. And now Church… Ok, I’ll be back.

Ok. So. Where are we now?

Well, we’re now elated…
Three 1/2 back in the wild card, coming off a big win against arguably the best pitcher in the past 7 or so weeks, and having Jurrjens on the mound isn’t to shabby either…

(If you don’t know by now, I’ve fallen in love with the ellipsis…)

The SD Padre series was horrible. Should have taken swept ’em., or taken two outta three, or not under perform with the bases juiced, OR, pitched better, OR let Vasquez continue his bid for a shutout…

Its worth noting that the Padres are killing right now. But thats in the past. Now we’re are looking toward the future! FUTURE! Its an electric word, future, its means forever and thats a mighty long time. But I got to tell you, there is something else… The present. Yes, the present. Right now we have to win this game, its not “must win” but its pretty darn tootin close. Why?


  1. The most important is to gain ground on the The Rockies and The Giants.
  2. To gain ground on the Philles. Yes, I said it. They might take the division, but I’m won’t let them to it easily. What I’m I going to do? Fire words of hate across the internet… That’ll show ’em.
  3. Give Jurrjens a win! This fella deserves it like no other! I wish my ‘pen name’ (Jurrjens4NLCY) was not just a pen name…

Right. So now we have our reasons. The goal?

A few notes:

  • Matty D is not just hot, he’s a flipping supernova!
  • McLouth reagravated his injury
  • LaRoche tweaked his hand or thigh, or something, but he should be fine
  • Church tweaked his back again.

Now, Today is Sunday and even if you are not a big christain, by the by, I don’t consider myself a big christain either, you should pray for the Braves. Hands crossed, head bowed, eyes closed (OKAY! You got me, eyes open to read.)

Dear Lord/Higher Power/Jesus/Budda/Moses/Space Monster Scientology thingy,

We have endured so much during this season, please guide the Braves to finish strong enough to take the wild card or perhaps the division. If you could find it in your heart/space monster thing to do so, that would be greatly appraciated. Push the Braves to win now, and forever more!

Can I get an AMEN!!!


Thats all for me folks!

Why ESPN Sucks 2: The Sequel; Featuring ROYs Candidates.


Well, if you never read the first, “Why ESPN sucks” I talked about why ESPN and all its reporters, analysts, etc sucks.

Example one:

Today the Braves beat the Marlins. That means the Braves and Marlins have identical records, and… You know what? Just take a look for yourself…  



Yahoo Sports:


Fox Sports:



You if can’t tell, one of these sites posted the Marlins in second place (hint: Its the one that sucks).

Seriously ESPN? How petty is that?? No, not petty, pathetic, more pathetic than the Braves’ offense. Oh, and thats not fake, look it up (before the Marlins – Braves game on Sunday) though.

Example 2:

 ESPN lied to me (and everyone else watching). They told me that I should stick around because Tommy Hanson would be there. What they should have said was, “Stick around, we’re going to show videos of Tommy Hanson and talk about his heavy balls.” They would have told the truth, and generate more viewers.

Example 3:

Jonathan Coachman. General rule of thumb. If it’s not good enough for the WWE, its not good enough for ESPN, or anything for that matter.

Example 4:

They’re need to please everyone. Apparently ESPN figured out that no one outside of the northeast cares about the BoSox-Yanks rivalry. What do they do? Enter Buck Showalter:

“Are you sick and tired of the BoSox Yankees series? We’ll I think they should not play so many games, we should limit the amount of games they play.”

Listen d**chebag, They are both ML baseball teams, and they play in the same divsion, they have to play games against eachother, what people don’t like is the obsession coverage by di**wholes like you.

Not to mention, ESPN only wants them to limit games so as not to oversaturated them. Doing that we’ll get more viewers (i.e. Superbowl vs. MLB World Series).

Now, The ROY Candidates!


The American League ROY candidate and most likely winner is Gordon Beckham. Simply because he has no competition, like last years AL ROY winner.

Now the National  League, thats different. I see three possible candidates: Randy Wells, Tommy Hanson, JA Happ. All pitchers.

Randy Wells –

Randy has been just dandy for the slumping Chicago Cubs. Having a turblelent begining of the season by going from the minors to the majors, bullpen to rotation, Randy proved he is the only consistant Cubs SP that doesn’t have temper tantrums, doesn’t get injuried by the stupidest thing, and doesn’t suck. How does the Cubs repay him? By giving him no run support. Thus for the 2009 campainge, he has posted a 9 – 6 record, 2.84 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and 74k’s. He should be somewhere around 12 – 3, but you don’t get a ROY award by what you should be.

J.A. Happ –

Happ also had to deal with call ups and send downs until things clicked for him. It was not as hard for Happ to get into the starting rotation than it was for Wells to. Phillies could not pitch, Happ finally could, boom. I have called Happ the “luckiest pitcher in baseball” because of his high strand rate and large amounts of run support. Happ has the most innings pitched than either of the other two. He Currently has the best winning percentage (one more win that Hanson). He has the lowest WHIP and ERA (1.17, 2.59). So why isn’t he largly considered the favorite…?

Tommy Hanson –

…Because of this man. Tommy’s stats may not be as good as Happ’s, but he has the one thing that really matters, hype. Hype is what won Soto the ROY last year, even though Jurrjens clearly deserved it. Tommy Hanson is also the reason Glavine doesn’t have a job, if your unfamilar with what I’m talking about, refer to this link. The AFL MVP award might as well be icing on the cake for Hanson. He is projected to be the #1 starter for the Braves next year. Tommy does have more than hype though, he leads both Randy and Happ in K/9, opposing batting average, and P/IP. Talk about Ace material.

Winner –

We’ll it depends, Wells can throw a perfect game, Happ can throw a no hitter, Hanson can “strike out his age.” Its to early to tell.

Congrats Warner Robins, GA Little League team! Best of luck to “y’all.”

Braves need a win tonight! Here’s to hoping Braves take the series!

Thats all for me folks!


AJC Still Reports On Frenchy; Francoeur Makes Words Come Out Of Hole – Double Whammy!!

This week Carrol Rogers called up the former Atlanta home town hero to hear how his life is going in NY. His answers may shock you, or not.



You know the game. But before I go into this, I’d like to say like I have nothing personal against Jeff, he is a nice guy and a devoted christian. However, this is my problem against him.

Moving on…

We got a nice little three-bedroom
apartment out in Long Island City, and [his wife, Catie] has done a good job
making it feel like home.

Thats good to hear. Seriously.

I feel great at the plate. I’ve worked on a few things that have helped a
little bit. Hitting in the fifth hole and being able to come up with some
guys with a chance to score has been nice.

Really?? Your going to play this card? Blaming others for your failures? My youngest cousin does the same thing… and he’s 9.

Every other article written seemed to be something negative. …

You don’t think its because of the bases loaded 1 out GIDP?

I wasn’t
holding up my part of the job. I’ll be the first to admit that,

That is good.

but at the
same time, there are other guys on the team, too.

Ah, the high road.

A lot of the media here asked me about playing in New York, and I said,
“This is going to sound weird, but I feel like I’m going to have less
pressure playing up here than I did in Atlanta.”

Why though? Seriously, its not like we said, “Stop sucking or we’ll murder you!” You had the support from every Braves fan to turn it around. That and time and support, Bobby gave you 2 1/2 years and the famous Bobby support. You hit yourself the hardest for going 0 – 4.

[On his return to Atlanta] There were going to be a couple
yelling boo, but the nice thing was I never left Atlanta on bad terms. It’s
not like I didn’t play hard. I played every day and did the best I could.

True. Very true.

For some reason it wasn’t working out.

*Slaps face with palm*

[After asked if the Braves lost confidence in him after demotion] Yeah. It was never the same after that. I’m sure I wasn’t giving them the
best reason to be [confident], but after that happened, it just was

Really? You are the worst outfielder in MLB in the past 2 years and you have the balls to complain and say the Braves and Bobby Cox (who is ridiculed for over-confidence in players) lost faith in you?

Listen, I’m not going to go up
there and walk 70 times a year.


So you can either accept me for the player I
am or go get somebody else.


I had two or three walks last week because I’m
taking what they’re giving me, but if it’s a 2-0 count, there’s a guy on
base and I can drive him in, I’m going to drive him in.

That’s funny because on a 2 – 0 count you only have 5 RBIs

[The Mets] are not there for my on-base percentage. It was great to hear
[manager] Jerry Manuel in a team meeting say, “I don’t care about average. I
care about scoring runs, driving in runs and preventing runs.”

Well that’s worked out wonderfully for the Mets and their 512 runs that they’ve scored (Thats 23rd in the Majors) (And there is only 30 teams in baseball).

[Brian McCann] talked about how I need to get back to what I used to do and that’s
attacking the fastball. If I swing at the slider low and away, so be it,
don’t let that fastball beat you.

Not “so be it.” When you swing at a pitch that ended up in the 1st base dugout, you can’t rationalize with “so be it.” Your not going to drive in many runs on wild pitches.

I am really tired, so I’ll stop it right here. Jeff, I wish you the best of luck, you’ll need it. Here is the full article. And if you have the 45 minutes, this is a good watch. 

Dear Bobby Cox Haters,

I’m really sick of people complaining about Bobby Cox. Seriously! When is it going to stop? If anyone of you whiners knew anything about baseball, you would know that deciding when to take out a pitcher and when to leave him in is the hardest thing for a manager. They stress about this all the time, its what keeps Pinella, LaRussa, Cox, Torre, etc. up all night. Furthermore, I believe its wrong for people to critic (although thats putting it lightly, you people are b*tching) something, if they can not to better themselves.


Bobby’s uniqueness entails building up players’ confidence. Do you think taking a pitcher out as soon as he gets in a jam is going to bode well in the long run? No. That player is going to get pissed. You also CAN NOT overuse an already tired bullpen by taking out a pitcher to early. Managers judge whether to let a pitcher get through a jam based on how good his pitches are, not the result of his pitches. If 4 men in a row get 4 cheap singles in the 2 inning, are you going to take him out? Well, you should say no.

If you want to root for a manager that is the anti-Bobby, then become a White Soxs fan and stop making Braves fans look stupid.

I would also like to add that I really like the White Soxs and have nothing against them expect for Ozzie Guillen.   

Thats all for me folks!

Braves Blow 4 Run Lead

Nothing new, what do you expect from Blain Boyer and Jeff Bennett?

Anyways, I’m sure you all know what happened.

Charlie Morton started today lasting only 2.0 innings because of another injury that has depleted the Braves’ rotation. By the 4th inning, the Braves took a 4 – 0 lead by a Mark Teixera grand slam off Mike Pelfrey. Bobby brought Blain Boyer in, and he gave up 4 earned runs to blow the lead, Bobby then had to use Jeff Bennett, so as not to overuse the bullpen. Then Jeff Bennett gave up 5 more runs, thus the Braves lost 9 – 4. Just another day in 2008.

Oh wait. Its not 2008, its 2009. There isn’t any Charlie Mortons, there are no injuries or gland slams or Boyers or Bennetts. There is only Derek Lowe, remember? Our ace. Anyways, he decided it would be fun to make things interesting by letting the Mets try the game, then the defence thought it would be hilarious to let the Mets get 4 more runs. Well they were right, it was one big joke.


8 runs in 1.0 inning?! from a AAA offense?!

I had to stop watching after the Braves failed to score in the 6th, I figured I give the offense one more chance.

Furthermore, Does Derek Lowe ever stop sweating?

Here is to hoping the Braves win the next two! Go Braves!

Thats all for me folks!

So Much To Write About, So Little Time


Sunday and Monday’s games featured some pretty interesting umpires. Sundays umpire was Hunter Wendelstedt, and the way he called strikeouts was pretty entertaining. He raised his right hand and leg at least 3ft. in the air. It looked like he was going to fall over. Mondays games was umpired by Dana DeMuth. He looked like he belonged in “The Matrix.” Not he wasn’t wearing a trench coat, but he called strikes like he was trying to stop bullets.



Garret Anderson took a pitch that hit his… nipple. Now thats what I call the masochistic fetish way to get on. Whatever works for ya! (Ohh! Double entendre!)

Sundays Loss:

It was pretty bad. Bad because if we could have changed 2 pitches, we’d have won. But we didn’t. Vasquez had a pretty good outing, lots of strikeouts.

Mondays Win:

Very Good. Although this didn’t really feel like a game, almost felt like ST, weird. I think it was because of the low attendance and high scoring, don’t know. Max Scherzer is a very impressive young righty, fortunately so is Hanson. 


Brian McCann’s Struggles:


Well, nevermind. He needs to shape up or ship out of the cleanup spot. The only thing he cleans up is the opposing pitcher’s mess.

Mets Series:

These aren’t the Mets. No David Wright, Jose Reyes, Beltran, or Delgado, or Church. Their offense consists of Jeff Francouer. Seriously, no joke. We need to sweep, however we do face Santana, but we always fair well against Johan.

Go Braves!

Thats all for me folks!