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I’mmmmmmmmmmm BACK!

The last time I came back from a break, this blog finished first among all Braves blogs in August. Lets see what kind of magic we can come up with this time.

Why I Left?:

Because of Hewlett Packer. Those expletives took forever to give me my laptop back!


The Braves are eliminated from the playoffs, and they sure are playing like it. Having dropped three in a row, two to the Nationals no less, that spark in the team certainly has left. I’m a bit tardy on covering their near-historic streak, but I will say that pitching and timely hitting carried them.


Fridays loss was disappointing. Lowe needs to go, for one big reason:

  • His contract: Lowe makes 45 million dollars over the next three years. Thats good for      the highest paid player on the Braves…
  • His performance: Derek was brought in to lead the staff, and a 4.55 ERA doesn’t really say, “leader”. Sadly, he does lead the team in wins, but thats a totally different story.
  • His age: The man is 36 years old. While thats young in our world, he’s old in baseball years. Much like dog years, you have to convert it. So Derek Lowe is actually 72 years old, until he retires.
  • His sweat: Its amazing how much sweat he can produce. Does he ever stop? He could have an endorsement deal with speed stick…

Oh look at that, I had four reasons, well isn’t that something… [Rolls Eyes]

Nate McLouth deserves some serious props for this incredible play.

Award Picks (without explanation):

AL ROY: Gordon Beckham
NL ROY: Chris Coghlan

AL MVP: Joe Mauer
NL MVP: Albert Pujols

AL Cy Young: Zack Greinke
NL Cy Young: Adam Wainwright

Also, I will be covering select playoff games, so, there is something to look forward to do.
(I guess)

GO TWINS!! (and Braves!)

That’s all for me folks!

Dear Bobby Cox Haters,

I’m really sick of people complaining about Bobby Cox. Seriously! When is it going to stop? If anyone of you whiners knew anything about baseball, you would know that deciding when to take out a pitcher and when to leave him in is the hardest thing for a manager. They stress about this all the time, its what keeps Pinella, LaRussa, Cox, Torre, etc. up all night. Furthermore, I believe its wrong for people to critic (although thats putting it lightly, you people are b*tching) something, if they can not to better themselves.


Bobby’s uniqueness entails building up players’ confidence. Do you think taking a pitcher out as soon as he gets in a jam is going to bode well in the long run? No. That player is going to get pissed. You also CAN NOT overuse an already tired bullpen by taking out a pitcher to early. Managers judge whether to let a pitcher get through a jam based on how good his pitches are, not the result of his pitches. If 4 men in a row get 4 cheap singles in the 2 inning, are you going to take him out? Well, you should say no.

If you want to root for a manager that is the anti-Bobby, then become a White Soxs fan and stop making Braves fans look stupid.

I would also like to add that I really like the White Soxs and have nothing against them expect for Ozzie Guillen.   

Thats all for me folks!

Braves Blow 4 Run Lead

Nothing new, what do you expect from Blain Boyer and Jeff Bennett?

Anyways, I’m sure you all know what happened.

Charlie Morton started today lasting only 2.0 innings because of another injury that has depleted the Braves’ rotation. By the 4th inning, the Braves took a 4 – 0 lead by a Mark Teixera grand slam off Mike Pelfrey. Bobby brought Blain Boyer in, and he gave up 4 earned runs to blow the lead, Bobby then had to use Jeff Bennett, so as not to overuse the bullpen. Then Jeff Bennett gave up 5 more runs, thus the Braves lost 9 – 4. Just another day in 2008.

Oh wait. Its not 2008, its 2009. There isn’t any Charlie Mortons, there are no injuries or gland slams or Boyers or Bennetts. There is only Derek Lowe, remember? Our ace. Anyways, he decided it would be fun to make things interesting by letting the Mets try the game, then the defence thought it would be hilarious to let the Mets get 4 more runs. Well they were right, it was one big joke.


8 runs in 1.0 inning?! from a AAA offense?!

I had to stop watching after the Braves failed to score in the 6th, I figured I give the offense one more chance.

Furthermore, Does Derek Lowe ever stop sweating?

Here is to hoping the Braves win the next two! Go Braves!

Thats all for me folks!

Week In Review

With a plethora of moves and rumors regarding Nate McLouth, Tom Glavine, Tommy Hanson, Jordan Schafer, and more, I’d like to recap with my new segment: “Week In Review”.

We will begin with Tuesday. Tuesday I started my day by doing what I always do, check the Braves website to see if any new news had come along, and I see “Braves send struggling Schafer to minors.” I was shocked, not because it was improbable but because I had doubts something would get done. Blanco had took over that day and did not do very well. He was 0 – 5, I guess paying a tribute to Jordan, however that night was very spectacular. The Cubs go from throwing a perfect game to a no hitter to a shutout to a dramatic 6 – 5 loss. I was very proud to be a Braves fan living in Chicago. 

Wednesday was an even bigger day. I, again, checked The Atlanta Braves Website
and saw that Tom Glavine was released. This time I was shocked because it was improbable. ‘How could the Braves release Tom after all the rehab’ , I thought. Well, earlier this year I learned death comes in threes, and so did Braves moves. That’s right, the release sparked a chain of beneficial moves. First, the Braves had called up RHP Tommy Hanson, and then traded Charlie Morton, Jeff Locke, and Gorky Hernandez for Pirate All Star center-fielder Nate McLouth. Talk about a big day!!! Derek Lowe pitched a great game but got a no decision as the Braves lost that day.

Now that Wensday is said and done, and the Glavine fiasco is over, I have to say every move help our 2009 playoff chances. Tom is/was/forever will be my favorite southpaw pitcher to ever play in MLB. However Tom, you need to gracefully leave. Do not make the same mistake Smoltz did. Be happy The Braves paid for your rehab, and took a chance on you. Sign with somone else and carry on wuth your stroied HOF career.

Thursday The Braves’ game was disappiontly rain out as I was hoping for the Braves to gain mommentum with a new centerfielder.

Friday morning Mark Bradley of the AJC had ripped Smoltz and Glavine in his two blogs on the Braves section of AJC. It was a reaction to the Glavine fiasco, which I pray dies soon. Friday afternoon Buster Olney said The Braves would be interested in Brad Penny, to which Mark Bowman quickly shot down, letting all Braves fans exhal in relief.

Ok so it wasn’t a full week, but it was a lot to happen in 4 days.