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“Youkilis’ Heads-Up Baserunning”

I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’m just going to jump right into this.

First, if you have not seen the video, look here.


It’s just awful Brave’s defense. Some credit deserves to go to Youk, but not a lot. A thief would not praise a fellow thief for stealing candy from a baby. So who’s to blame? Well here’s what I think.


Kelly Johnson. He should have thrown to second. Plain and simple.


Kelly Johnson. He should have at least tagged Youk. Anyone would rather have had Ortiz on first than Youkillis.


Casey Kotchman. On the replay you see he threw it too soon.


Diory Hernandez. I believe a throw to Kotchman would’ve gotten him out. Instead he threw it to Kelly and it wasn’t even a good throw.

Of coures this is all on the replay. I would defend Diory and Casey, but not Kelly. Now I love Kelly, but, COME ON!! If you would’ve tagged Youk, the annoucers would’ve praised you and called you a genious (because Youk is a greater base stealing threat than Big Papi). Well, all that matters is that we added another number in the “Win Column.”

Go Braves!