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So Much To Write About, So Little Time


Sunday and Monday’s games featured some pretty interesting umpires. Sundays umpire was Hunter Wendelstedt, and the way he called strikeouts was pretty entertaining. He raised his right hand and leg at least 3ft. in the air. It looked like he was going to fall over. Mondays games was umpired by Dana DeMuth. He looked like he belonged in “The Matrix.” Not he wasn’t wearing a trench coat, but he called strikes like he was trying to stop bullets.



Garret Anderson took a pitch that hit his… nipple. Now thats what I call the masochistic fetish way to get on. Whatever works for ya! (Ohh! Double entendre!)

Sundays Loss:

It was pretty bad. Bad because if we could have changed 2 pitches, we’d have won. But we didn’t. Vasquez had a pretty good outing, lots of strikeouts.

Mondays Win:

Very Good. Although this didn’t really feel like a game, almost felt like ST, weird. I think it was because of the low attendance and high scoring, don’t know. Max Scherzer is a very impressive young righty, fortunately so is Hanson. 


Brian McCann’s Struggles:


Well, nevermind. He needs to shape up or ship out of the cleanup spot. The only thing he cleans up is the opposing pitcher’s mess.

Mets Series:

These aren’t the Mets. No David Wright, Jose Reyes, Beltran, or Delgado, or Church. Their offense consists of Jeff Francouer. Seriously, no joke. We need to sweep, however we do face Santana, but we always fair well against Johan.

Go Braves!

Thats all for me folks!