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So Much To Write About, So Little Time


Sunday and Monday’s games featured some pretty interesting umpires. Sundays umpire was Hunter Wendelstedt, and the way he called strikeouts was pretty entertaining. He raised his right hand and leg at least 3ft. in the air. It looked like he was going to fall over. Mondays games was umpired by Dana DeMuth. He looked like he belonged in “The Matrix.” Not he wasn’t wearing a trench coat, but he called strikes like he was trying to stop bullets.



Garret Anderson took a pitch that hit his… nipple. Now thats what I call the masochistic fetish way to get on. Whatever works for ya! (Ohh! Double entendre!)

Sundays Loss:

It was pretty bad. Bad because if we could have changed 2 pitches, we’d have won. But we didn’t. Vasquez had a pretty good outing, lots of strikeouts.

Mondays Win:

Very Good. Although this didn’t really feel like a game, almost felt like ST, weird. I think it was because of the low attendance and high scoring, don’t know. Max Scherzer is a very impressive young righty, fortunately so is Hanson. 


Brian McCann’s Struggles:


Well, nevermind. He needs to shape up or ship out of the cleanup spot. The only thing he cleans up is the opposing pitcher’s mess.

Mets Series:

These aren’t the Mets. No David Wright, Jose Reyes, Beltran, or Delgado, or Church. Their offense consists of Jeff Francouer. Seriously, no joke. We need to sweep, however we do face Santana, but we always fair well against Johan.

Go Braves!

Thats all for me folks!

It’s Official, I Love Nate McLouth

The past three games, Nate McLouth is hitting .357 with a double, 1 homerun, 2 rbi’s, and 2 stolen bases. And the past three games he has persuaded me to form a “Man Crush” on him, if you will. I don’t know which of the two is more impressive.


What I do know is he has sparked this team. I think he’s lighten a much need fire under the offense, and he’s very aggressive. Not “Hey! I’m Francouer, watch me swing at the first pitch”, or even “Ola, soy es Yunel Escobar, watcho me groundo outo into el double playo.” More like “Wassup, I just singled so now I’m gunna swipe second to get a run.” (I imagine thats how Frenchy, Yunel, and Nate all talk.)

I prefer Nate (The Great) to hit leadoff rather than third for a slew of reasons, the first being that Chipper hates hitting fourth and has a great amount of pride that goes with that spot. Why I say this is because Chipper subtlety blames the batting order for the 2 shutouts, I don’t have the exact quote but to paraphrase, ‘All I know is when I was hitting 4th, we we’re shutout twice. When I go back to the 3rd hole, we win. Now, I’m no mathematician but…’ blah blob blah. The second reason is because he is the best prototypical leadoff hitter we have, and lastly he is a nice gap – gap hitter.

Oh by the way, since Chipper has survived the dizziness, he has had the two best games of the season. Which is why I propose that when he is on deck, instead of taking swings, put the bat against his forehead, then place the barrel on the ground, and spin around 20 times. Not only will his BA raise, but I gurantee you it will put more fans in the seats.

Also, MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Redsox are interested in a mystery shortstop from the Braves. And if you scroll down on the comments, someone posted the following from “Bill Shank’s Board”




I think its TOO BIG of a move for Atlanta to pull off soon, but It benefits all teams really. It’s nice to dream isn’t it?

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