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Chipper’s Wish Fulfilled – Baseball Gods Gave Us One

Two years ago, during Christmas, I met Brad Lidge at a casino in Vegas. My family and I were having a little celebration and gift exchanging. I look over at the other table and there was Brad Lidge. Brad must have still been there since the Winter meetings. He looked lonely, so I invited him to join in. 5 minutes before the secret santa, I ran to the gift shop, and got Lidge a MGM Grand T-Shirt and a “Viva Los Vegas” snowglobe. He was surprised and embarrassed because he didn’t get me anything…. Until today.


Ok. Well that didn’t really happen, but Lidge did give Braves fans a huge gift; A win, in the bottom of the 9th.

I’ll be honest, I woke up at 6:00 Atlanta time, so I missed most of the game. I did see a couple of good plays. I was really impressed with Kenshin Kawa-Kick@ss nailing Ibanez  at third. That definitly saved a run from scoring.

Chipper got his wish. The Baseball Gods delivered for the Braves tonight. If you missed him call upon the forces, you can see it here.

Nate McLouth re-aggravated his hamstring, something I called yesterday when I saw him run. Usually he runs always looking forward, with his elbows in a 90° angle, arms thrusting. Instead, he was looking back, and had on of his arms down to his side. Big problem.


MFIKY (Soriano) is apparently injured. I have a hard time believing all these Braves injures. They’re always minor thing. Kelly Johnson’s was definitely fake. He was out of options so FO put him on the DL and gave him “rehab assignments.” Kinda like sending him to AAA.

Just watched the highlights; Garret Anderson made a spectacular catch and Escobar made an even better attempt to get out of his way. Good play. 

Here’s to hoping Nate and Raffy have a speedy recovery. Go Braves!!!

Thats all for me folks!

“Youkilis’ Heads-Up Baserunning”

I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’m just going to jump right into this.

First, if you have not seen the video, look here.


It’s just awful Brave’s defense. Some credit deserves to go to Youk, but not a lot. A thief would not praise a fellow thief for stealing candy from a baby. So who’s to blame? Well here’s what I think.


Kelly Johnson. He should have thrown to second. Plain and simple.


Kelly Johnson. He should have at least tagged Youk. Anyone would rather have had Ortiz on first than Youkillis.


Casey Kotchman. On the replay you see he threw it too soon.


Diory Hernandez. I believe a throw to Kotchman would’ve gotten him out. Instead he threw it to Kelly and it wasn’t even a good throw.

Of coures this is all on the replay. I would defend Diory and Casey, but not Kelly. Now I love Kelly, but, COME ON!! If you would’ve tagged Youk, the annoucers would’ve praised you and called you a genious (because Youk is a greater base stealing threat than Big Papi). Well, all that matters is that we added another number in the “Win Column.”

Go Braves!